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15 Creative Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas

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There are so many incredible uses for mason jars!  My favorite size is the quart – I think it’s the most versatile – but it’s a good idea to have various sizes on hand.  I like to use them to make DIY Body Scrubs.  You can use mason jars in any room in the house, and they make wonderful DIY gifts.  Learn how to use them in the kitchen with these Inexpensive Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas perfect for any budget.  

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Genius Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life




Store dry goods to keep them dry and insect free.  Have pantry moths and other insects inside your home?  Check out 20+ Natural Lifestyle Tips to Keep You Pest Free this Summer to learn how to get rid of them naturally.

Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Lemon Thistle:  See Source Below




Premix dry ingredients for often-used recipes like pancakes and biscuits and store in mason jars [with free printable recipe labels!] to streamline busy mornings.

Genius Kitchen Hacks That'll Make Your Kitchen So Much Better

From The Country Chic Cottage:  See Source Below




Make your own easy indoor herb garden in mason jars with this simple tutorial.

Amazing Kitchen Hacks

From Crafts Unleashed:  See Source Below




Make this leak resistant cup to stay hydrated on the go or just protect your drinks at home from unwanted intruders like cats and flies.  Prefer the store bought version?  Ball offers a handy drinking glass kit.

Mason Jar Storage Tips

From Traditional Cooking School:  See Source Below




Make your own chalkboard condiment jars perfect for summer cookouts and potlucks!

Brilliant Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas

From Home Talk:  See Source Below




Leak proof Masontops let you transform your mason jars into the perfect storage vessel for drinks, dry storage, salad dressings, and more!

Mason Jar Storage Hacks

From Amazon




Create a spice drawer with labeled mason jars.

Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Dwelling by DeVore:  See Source Below




Set the table in no time with this efficient DIY Utensil Holder.

Brilliant Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Worth Trying DIY Projects:  See Source Below




Keep toothpicks organized with this DIY toothpick dispenser just about anyone can make!

Genius Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Eclectic Recipes:  See Source Below




Are you tired of trying to use those flimsy matchboxes?  Make your own with this simple tutorial.

Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Craftaholics Anonymous:  See Source Below




Make your own soap dispenser you can refill again and again with this easy tutorial.  Bonus:  You’ll save money by buying your soap in bulk, or you can make your own!

Genius Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Love Grows Wild:  See Source Below




Make tasty salads to go for fresh and easy lunches with this helpful infographic.  For a big, hearty salad, I prefer to use wide mouth quart jars for easy eating.

Mason Jar Hacks

From MomoWellness:  See Source Below




Make a handy sugar dispenser for your morning coffee by outfitting a mason jar with a spout from a salt container.  

Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas

From Put It in a Jar:  See Source Below




A mason jar is the perfect storage for cupcake liners to keep them organized and damage free.

Mason Jar Storage Ideas

From Table for Two:  See Source Below




Organize cooking utensils to make them easier to find than ever before!

Genius Mason Jar Ideas

From For Rent:  See Source Below



These DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas will help you organize your kitchen – and your life – in no time!  Plus, mason jars are inexpensive, so these projects are perfect for almost any budget.



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To-Go-Cup:  Traditional Cooking School

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Leak Proof Masontops available on Amazon

Spice Drawer:  Dwellings by DeVore

DIY Utensil Holder:  Worth Trying DIY Projects

Toothpick Dispenser:  Eclectic Recipes

DIY Matchbox:  Craftaholics Anonymous

Soap Dispenser:  Love Grows Wild

Salad To-Go:  MomoWellness

Sugar Dispenser:  Put It in a Jar

Store Cupcake Liners:  Table for Two

Utensil Storage:  For Rent



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15 Mason Jar Kitchen Hacks

15 Mason Jar Kitchen Hacks

15 Mason Jar Kitchen Hacks

15 Mason Jar Kitchen Hacks

15 Mason Jar Kitchen Hacks



  1. This might be a stupid question, but has anyone ever transferred mayo from a plastic container to a glass mason jar? And is it safe to do so?

    • This is not a stupid question at all. Yes, you can absolutely put mayonnaise in a glass mason jar, and it’s safe to do so. In fact, it may be a good idea, since plastic containers can release chemicals into foods. I try to use glass containers for food storage as much as possible.

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